Why it is important

Photography is incredibly vital for your property advert; it gives potential buyers an insight in to your home via your online property listing, or via our brochures in the branch. Good photography instantly shows people what your home is like and what is available, allowing them to decide if they’re interested and want to make an appointment to look further.

At Daniel James, we ensure that each aspect of your home is photographed to look at its best. When you have decided to put your home on the market with us, we will prearrange a time with you for one of our trained photographers to come to your property and photograph each room. While we will offer tips and suggestions to make your rooms look at their best, you are more than welcome to offer any suggestions you may have too.

Preparing for photography

Before we embark on photography within your home, it is best to prepare its condition in advance, so that we are able to capture each room in its best condition. We advise that you do the following on our visit day, to optimise your home photography:

  • Remove any clutter and hide it out of sight
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, tidy and empty of disorder
  • Make sure all curtains and blinds are open 
  • Ensure that your garden is free from any larger items that may get in the way, such as children’s toys and washing
  • Ideally, park your car out of the way while we take exterior shots