Useful documents and information

What to provide us with

It is very useful for potential buyers if they are able to access specific documents and information about your property when they are considering making a sale. Documents that we consider to be useful are:.

Building regulations certificates - If alterations and extensions to buildings have been carried out to your property, you must provide proof that these have been added legally and with approval.

Council tax, utility, buildings and contents insurance bills - These are really useful for potential buyers to estimate running costs.

Service charges and ground rent bills - This is mostly for people who live in apartment buildings and flats, so that they can have access to any charges they need to pay on top of their other bills.

Environmental searches

These provide useful information for potential buyers to assess any environmental risks that might affect the property. These could include flood risks, or mines local to the area.

Home condition report

This provides more information about the condition of your property, and is like a 'health check' that provides useful information for buyers, sellers and mortgage lenders. Your buyer will more than likely still get their own survey done too. Talk to us about creating a home condition report.

EPC Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for a property is a legal requirement. We can arrange to have an EPC produced for you at a very competitive rate. Contact us for more details.